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I am reviewing my experience with several Tv boxes ( media streamers ) without getting into all the technical aspects of each box. The purpose of this review is simple, what works, what does not work, and is it worth your time and Money!

Devices I have used 

Amazon Firestick 2nd generation

The firestick works well and I have had no issues with using the firestick with any application, Netflix, Amazon prime etc... the only issue if you want to call it an issue is it is slow to start up, however once your app is loaded it really is not a problem be patient.

Amazon Fire Tv 2nd generation

I really enjoy my Fire tv, it works, has usb ports for additional media content, and a micro usb port  for additional internal memory.

Apple tv 3rd generation

If you an Apple ecosystem family, the apple tv is a great buy, works with itunes, mirrors your phone with no issue. You will not add any 3rd party apps on this device.

Roku xd 2nd generation

The Roku resides in the living room near the H96 Pro+, and is the daily driver for Netflix, the family just likes it and even though h96 pro is right next to the roku, I am the only one using the H96 Pr0+.  

H96 Pro+

The H96 Pro+  has 3GB ram which was the main reason I purchased the box along with Android 7.1. The apps run well on the box but at times feels clunky especially with the remote, trust me you need to buy a keyboard / touch mouse capable remote or you will feel a high level of frustration using the box and navigating through menus on applications. The biggest downfall of the H96 Pro + is it gets hot, really hot, so hot it fried the power supply. I ended up buying a new power supply and found online where someone had drilled holes in His H96 Pro + case and added a Usb fan to assist in cooling, so it was not my idea to take credit for resolving the heating issue, but it did work and in the process of taking apart your H96 Pro + you will uncover 2 more usb ports which a dremel to your case can easily fix to provide four Usb ports when you reassemble your device. The manufacturer should have provided all four ports to begin with!

Nvidia Shield

My friend has a Nvidia Shield and I will say from watching just about anything you can think of on this device. It simply just WORKS no buffering, quick responsive interaction with the system and television. If you have the $179 to buy a media streamer this is a definite worthwhile purchase.


All the devices run on wifi getting around 40 MBPS transfer rate. I know if  I used ethernet, streaming would be even better however this is how we use our devices in our home.

Hands down in my experience the Nvidia Shield is the best bang for the buck and running a close second would be the Fire tv and apple tv. As stated above the roku is a solid streamer and even as outdated as it is, the roku still functions with no issue and is the daily driver for netflix. In addition our daughter has a combo roku / tv and loves her tv, more on that in another review.

The H96 Pro+ and I have a Love / hate relationship. It works but it is just not what I thought it could be (Nvidia Shield Like) with the frustration I experienced with this streamer I would give it a third place spot on my list, with the Amazon Fire stick following close behind and as stated above the Fire stick is a solid device just exercise your patience when streaming.

The money I spent on each device in my opinion is justified except for the H96 Pro + .

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