HDMX Craze BT Heaphone review

  The HDMX Craze BT headphones  sound very good and have a comfortable fit. Synching to my apple watch series 3 usually works with no problem however with my apple series 1 watch there were times I just gave up trying to use the headphones since they would not sync up. Using these headphones with an Iphone was no issue at all synching was easy. Taking calls was easy and using the buttons on the right ear piece to adjust Volume and take a call. The headphones are lightweight but do not look it. I still use these headphones in the gym and have not had any issues

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Pros and Cons of the HDMX Craze BT headphones


Fit well with provided ear caps

Sound good with just enough bass

Bluetooth with a cord to go around your neck

Running can be a challenge if you push the earbuds tightly in your ears, you will hear the pounding of every footstep, annoying to listen to


Synching can be a problem 

Battery lasts around 3 hours

Bulky earpiece sticking out of your ear