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Old Macbook What to Do?



      I have a 2010 Macbook and I thought should I  upgrade hardware or buy a new Macbook.  The laptop was in great shape but only had 2gb of ram and an old spinning Hard Drive. Needless to say, it was pretty slow getting tasks accomplished. The Macbook has an I5 @ 2.26Ghz which should be quick enough with a fair amount of Ram.

Hardware Upgrade 

   Time to do some research! I found out I could buy a Solid State Drive 256Gb for $59, 8Gb of ram for $60 and a new Battery for $39 for a total of $158. In addition to some of my time to install all the hardware and Software.

Buy a new Macbook

  A new 12 inch Macbook with a 1.2 ghz processor, 256Gb Solid State Drive and 8Gb ram sells for $1299 

The Decision

Being the DIY project guy, I chose to buy the hardware and see where it all goes. Installing the Ram, Solid State Drive and Battery was simple enough the only time consuming part was cloning the old Hard drive to the Solid State drive took around 2 hours. I started with Lion Software then upgraded to EL Capitain. I used the laptop like that for about a month with no issue and was very quick to boot and start programs. I then upgraded to MacOs High Sierra and the Old 2010 Macbook is still very quick and responsive. I know many people may say you should have just bought a new laptop the 2010 is outdated but for my needs of email, surfing the internet, watching videos, editing some photos and playing around with garage band this Old Macbook is still humming right along with no problem with all the new hardware and the $158 cost I feel was well spent. 

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