Beatsx bluetooth headphones


The Beatsx headphones are a perfect fit for iphones and apple watches since the the Beatsx use the W1 chip technology which allow synching to apple products easily since they have a W1 chip.

BeatsX boast the best features of AirPods, plus a more comfortable, customizable fit,  and a handy inline remote so you don't need to rely on Siri for control.

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whtie beatsx headphones


The Good and bad of the Beatsx headphones



  • Inline remote plus Siri control gives you options.
  • rolls up to fi in an included carrying case and water resistant
  • Deep integration with iOS, including battery level readout in Today view
  • Battery LIfe up to 8 hours
  • charges via LIGHTNING cable not micro usb
  • Comfortable fit and good sound.
  • Beats flex-form cable hanging around your neck prevents you from losing your headphones or allowing them to rest on your neck while taking a break from listening


  • Flex-form Cable that connects the earbuds is a little awkward.
  • cord hanging around your neck if your trying to use your  headphones discreetly
  • cords may be a bit long for some people
  • treble may be much for some