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Powerline Adapter and Wifi extender

Have you ever needed an ethernet connection so you could have reliable internet at a good speed.

I have come across this dilemma several times , I first purchased a wifi extender and then a power line adapter.

I have Netgear devices in both instances and have no complaints just pay attention to what you are doing and you should not have any issues.

I have the Netgear 1200 power line adapter which works over the houses electrical wiring.

Very simple to install, plug one unit in near your router , connect via cat 6 and press the sync button on the bottom of the unit, once connected all three green lights will appear on your adapter. Then plug your second power line adapter near the device you want to provide ethernet too. Connect device to adapter via cat 6 cable press the sync button on the unit all three green lights should light up and your ready to go. In my experience  I pay  for 100 mbps download from my ISP and receive  around 70mbps over the adapters.

I also have a wifi extender  Netgear 6100 which also has an ethernet port and can be used as an access point. This adapter worked, I bought a few years ago but never seemed to work correctly until recently. Last week I upgraded the firmware on the extender , reconfigured the extender starting from scratch and used the ethernet port to my pc. Surprisingly  I am getting over 100 mbps.

Pros: for both devices are easy to setup, provide ethernet access and the extender can extend your  wifi signal.

Cons: I have never received the Mbps speeds advertised on the devices.

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Android boxes With 4GB RAM 2018

Looking at an Android tv box with 4GB Ram, well today you have a five Android tv boxes for you to choose from to a look and choose for yourself.


Scs ETC R10 4GB ram and 32GB flash memory

This box has Android 7.1.2 Nougat, Quad core processor, and Penta core Gpu, Bluetooth 4.1 and Dual band Wifi in addition to 3D 4K HDR capability. The devuce has 3 USB ports(one is USB 3.0), ddr4 Ram, supports external HDD and ethernet 10/100.

Check out the Scs Ets R10 CLICK HERE:

MX 10 4GB Ram and 32GB of Flash Memory

The Mx10 Has true 4K HDR @ 60 fps UHD playback and 3D, USB 3.0 (1 port) 3-USB 2.0 ports, Android 8.0, support up to 64GB micro sd storage. Unfortunately this box is NOT dual band wifi, does have ethernet 10/100.

Check out the MX10 CLICK HERE:

Beelink A1 Tv Box Android 4GB ram and 32GB flash memory

The Beelink A1 has a quad core processors and supports 4k HDR @ 60fps, Ethernet at 1000 Mpbs, spdif port, bluetooth 4.0 and Android 7.1. Sd card support up to 32GB. Up 1.5 Ghz quad core processor.

Check out the Beelink A1 CLICK HERE:


H96 MAX H2 Android 7.1 Smart TV BOX with 4GB Ram and 32Gb Flash Memory 

H96 MAX H2 Android 7.1 Smart TV BOX with RK3328 Quad Core Support 2.4G/5G Dual Wifi/100M LAN/BT 4.0/3D/H265 , 1 Usb 3.0 and 3 USB 2.0 

Check out the H96 max CLICK HERE:

4GB Ram 64GB Flash Memory Android TV  EstgoSZ 

Quad core cpu, Android 7.1, 4GB of DDR3, 4k HDR, Dual wifi, 1 USB 3.0 and 2 USB 2.0 and HDMI 2.0a

Check out the estgo CLICK HERE:

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Center Speaker DIY

Are you the DIYer that enjoys building your own items? A few years back I was in search of a center speaker and looked at many center speakers from bose, klipsch and more. I finally decided to buy a center speaker kit and build my own speaker.


I stumbled upon this website and chose the kit below. I am not affiliated with this website in any way, just a satisfied customer sharing a DIY project. The amazing thing about this kit besides it sounds awesome is the price $24.99 !


Klipsch Foster 5 1/4 inch Center Channel Speaker Kit

Click here to view the kit

I purchase some wood, got my miter saw out and followed the instructions. I probably spent half a day assembling everything and have been using this center speaker now for over 5 years with no issues what so ever. 


Center Speaker in Black


If you have any questions, please leave a comment

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Rechargeable Batteries – Do you use them?


Rechargeable batteries to be or not to be is todays question? How many times have you needed batteries and did not have any? I have been using a combination of rechargeable batteries and non-rechargeable batteries for many years.

I started using rechargeable batteries probably six or seven years ago when I always needed batteries for kids toys or electronic devices. I decided to by 12 rechargeable batteries for devices I used most so I could use them and have a set ready to replace spent batteries requiring a charge. The system worked for quite some time until everyone else  in the house started using the batteries for their devices.

Cheap Batteries

As time progressed we needed more and more batteries.  Instead of buying more rechargeable batteries we bought cheap batteries way to many times. Definitely not the way to go.

Rechargeable Batteries for now on

Recently I purchased more rechargeable batteries and will purchase more so I can have backup batteries charged ready to GO and eliminate the need to buy batteries all the time.

Click here for amazon Rechargeable batteriesAmazon Basica AA rechargeable batteries

What kind of batteries do you use? 

Leave us a comment.......

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Old Macbook What to Do?



      I have a 2010 Macbook and I thought should I  upgrade hardware or buy a new Macbook.  The laptop was in great shape but only had 2gb of ram and an old spinning Hard Drive. Needless to say, it was pretty slow getting tasks accomplished. The Macbook has an I5 @ 2.26Ghz which should be quick enough with a fair amount of Ram.

Hardware Upgrade 

   Time to do some research! I found out I could buy a Solid State Drive 256Gb for $59, 8Gb of ram for $60 and a new Battery for $39 for a total of $158. In addition to some of my time to install all the hardware and Software.

Buy a new Macbook

  A new 12 inch Macbook with a 1.2 ghz processor, 256Gb Solid State Drive and 8Gb ram sells for $1299 

The Decision

Being the DIY project guy, I chose to buy the hardware and see where it all goes. Installing the Ram, Solid State Drive and Battery was simple enough the only time consuming part was cloning the old Hard drive to the Solid State drive took around 2 hours. I started with Lion Software then upgraded to EL Capitain. I used the laptop like that for about a month with no issue and was very quick to boot and start programs. I then upgraded to MacOs High Sierra and the Old 2010 Macbook is still very quick and responsive. I know many people may say you should have just bought a new laptop the 2010 is outdated but for my needs of email, surfing the internet, watching videos, editing some photos and playing around with garage band this Old Macbook is still humming right along with no problem with all the new hardware and the $158 cost I feel was well spent. 

Please leave any comments or questions you make have........

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   When I decided to try Free OTA HD TV (Free Over The Air High Definition TV), A few years ago after being a long term customer with the cable company I was calling for the latest greatest deal and on that day there was not a deal and the Customer service representative really didn't care that I had been a customer for almost 2o years. When I mentioned that I was a customer for 20 years, I was quickly corrected by no sir it has been 18 years and 10 months. Well I certainly felt like I was a loyal customer but at the end of the day my time with the cable company did not get me any type of discount and I switched to a Direct TV. I went on to finish my two contract with Direct Tv but was tired of paying bills for TV service. During the last six months of my Direct Tv contract I started fooling around with Free OTA HD broadcasted tv. 

The Journey to Free OTA HD TV

  I started the journey with a piece of bailing wire shaped into a configuration to make a cheap antenna and attached a balun with coaxial cable to my TV I had in the garage and instantly I started receiving TV channels. That was an eye opening experience and hilarious at the same time how easy it was to receive FREE  OTA tv and thanks to all the you tube videos I watched about making your own TV Antenna. Trust me it works but there are lots of factors involved, line of sight to the tv tower, hills, trees, height of antenna to name a few.

  I continued to fool around with the antenna and I could get several channels and two network channels NBC, CBS but not ABC, in my area ABC is on a different band so there was some frustration and I knew if I was ever to cancel my paid subscription I definitely needed ABC since a lot of my wifes favorite shows are on ABC and I needed a way to record shows. 

   The time had come to do more research and I used the  Tv fool website to assist in giving me an idea of what TV signals I could really receive in addition to going to the tv stations website to find what mhz the station was being broadcasted on. Tv Fool has a free tool where you key in your address and you will get a report of what channels you may receive. In my instance I could receive many free channels including all the network channels. Below is my report from TV fool.


tv fool sample station spreadsheet and directional graph


   Tv antennas are not created equal of course there are top of the line and cheap antennas. My goal was to not break the bank but receive all the stations I wanted and not mount an Antenna on my house. We have home owners association where I live and I did not want to go through all the hassle of trying to get my antenna approved or possibly denied. I started with a cheap antenna less than $20 and was able to pick up a lot of channels but not ABC and then I thought to myself well now I would have to buy several cheap antennas to put on all the Tv's in my house ( 5 of them) which now would run the price up times 5 and I am still not receiving ABC so that was a deal breaker for the cheapest antenna which I gave to my daughter who lives in the city and she was able to get all the channels including ABC so she has no cable bill and enjoys free OTA HD tv. I live over 30 miles away from the TV towers with lots of hills and trees in the line of sight to the towers.

The Resolution

   My next antenna was a GE attic antenna which I mounted in the attic and connected to the master bedroom tv which got a lot of channels but not ABC. Frustration again, and Spent about $40 dollars for the GE antenna but I was not going to give up. My next purchase was the Clearstream 4  - 70 mile range antenna which I installed in the attic even though it is an outdoor antenna and I received all the channels 36 of them to be exact including ABC which really was not supposed to be picked up since the Abc channel is broadcast around 280 Mhz and this antenna went from 400 Mhz to 750 Mhz. I called clearstream customer support and explained how I was receiving ABC and the representative told me that is not uncommon however, you may wake up one day and not receive ABC and never get it back. He said he receives lots of calls from customers losing out of band channels. His suggestion was to get a VHF specific antenna to receive ABC and a antenna combiner to combine both signals into one coaxial cable. I followed the suggestion and purchased the Clearstream 5 antenna  and have been receiving all 36 channels with no problem even in rainstorms and high wind. Recording tv I went with a basic box only records one channel at a time, has loop through function so you can record and watch a different channel, and allows for external USB drive and did not break the bank coming in under $35 is the mediasonic Homeworx digital convertor box with recording.

   I also used attached the coaxial cable from the combiner to my house's cable box  and switched out the cable splitter with a new splitter and was able to receive Free OTA HD tv in my entire house using the existing cabling in the house that ran to every tv in our home. The OTA HD picture is incredible since it is an uncompressed signal not like the compressed signal the cable companies send you. 

   Please feel free to leave a comment, ask questions I would be happy to help you cut the cable bill.