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Powerline Adapter and Wifi extender

Have you ever needed an ethernet connection so you could have reliable internet at a good speed.

I have come across this dilemma several times , I first purchased a wifi extender and then a power line adapter.

I have Netgear devices in both instances and have no complaints just pay attention to what you are doing and you should not have any issues.

I have the Netgear 1200 power line adapter which works over the houses electrical wiring.

Very simple to install, plug one unit in near your router , connect via cat 6 and press the sync button on the bottom of the unit, once connected all three green lights will appear on your adapter. Then plug your second power line adapter near the device you want to provide ethernet too. Connect device to adapter via cat 6 cable press the sync button on the unit all three green lights should light up and your ready to go. In my experience  I pay  for 100 mbps download from my ISP and receive  around 70mbps over the adapters.

I also have a wifi extender  Netgear 6100 which also has an ethernet port and can be used as an access point. This adapter worked, I bought a few years ago but never seemed to work correctly until recently. Last week I upgraded the firmware on the extender , reconfigured the extender starting from scratch and used the ethernet port to my pc. Surprisingly  I am getting over 100 mbps.

Pros: for both devices are easy to setup, provide ethernet access and the extender can extend your  wifi signal.

Cons: I have never received the Mbps speeds advertised on the devices.

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