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Rechargeable Batteries – Do you use them?


Rechargeable batteries to be or not to be is todays question? How many times have you needed batteries and did not have any? I have been using a combination of rechargeable batteries and non-rechargeable batteries for many years.

I started using rechargeable batteries probably six or seven years ago when I always needed batteries for kids toys or electronic devices. I decided to by 12 rechargeable batteries for devices I used most so I could use them and have a set ready to replace spent batteries requiring a charge. The system worked for quite some time until everyone else  in the house started using the batteries for their devices.

Cheap Batteries

As time progressed we needed more and more batteries.  Instead of buying more rechargeable batteries we bought cheap batteries way to many times. Definitely not the way to go.

Rechargeable Batteries for now on

Recently I purchased more rechargeable batteries and will purchase more so I can have backup batteries charged ready to GO and eliminate the need to buy batteries all the time.

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What kind of batteries do you use? 

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